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Our mission

Mondosano is a digital health company striving to bring health care options to patients in need.
Our goal is to educate and foster a mutually beneficial relationship between patients and pharmaceutical companies by offering access to clinical trials and a self-reflected participation.
We believe that we all can make a difference when it comes to developing new therapies and by shortening the pharmaceutical drug development process, we can make sure that millions of patients receive new treatments earlier.
Mondosano means “Healthy world” and that’s exactly what we work towards – making the world a healthier place

Our Mission

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of medically trained and digital experts readily at your disposal to assist you in your recruitment endeavours

Anna Abraham
Anna AbrahamManaging Director
Christian Erb
Christian ErbManaging Director
Leonard Daume
Leonard DaumeChief Technology Officer

We strive for the highest quality. We are patient-centric, medically trained and determined to ensure your recruitment success

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