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For the past weeks, there was a lot of emphasis on the negative changes businesses had to face when dealing with GDPR. You would stumble across articles everywhere naming all the things you could no longer do when working with data. However, not all changes that GDPR brings along are bad. That is why we decided to write about the good and meaningful changes, especially for the sensitive health marketing field.

At Mondosano, even before any talk about the GDPR began, we focused on educating patients about their options in clinical research, rather than persuading them to participate in a trial. Now, with the GDPR in place, any company has to be much more transparent about its business goal and what role the customer/patient/client plays in that case. For Mondosano, this rule for transparency simply underlines the importance of our mission to empower patients to make smart health decisions.

Before GDPR took effect on May 25th 2018, companies could be fairly sneaky as to how data was obtained and what would be done with it. These days, a patient has to give his or her consent before a company can make use of the data that is associated with him. Even though, this means companies will lose customers, it also means that every patient or customer that still consents to storing his data is much more committed, because he actively chooses to register and participate. And we all know that only committed patients are the ones that stick to the study regimen and show up to visits at the site!

In addition, the GDPR in patient recruitment fosters a responsible use of data such as keeping the users’ opt-in up-to-date. As Mondosano has a database of thousands of interested patients that have actively opted-in to receive information on new trials, we have always made sure that the information and data is accurate and a patients’ consent is correct. By doing so we can make sure that we refer only interested patients to the sites. Old data most of the times also means incorrect data and at Mondosano we guarantee our sponsors, CROS and sites the highest quality of pre-screened patients possible.

So what it comes down to in the end is that service providers who have not done a legally correct job in using and storing patient data, will most likely vanish from the playing field in the near future. This is a good development for the industry as a whole as well as for the patients as it leaves more room for service providers who take patients’ rights and European regulations seriously.

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About the Author:

Anna Abraham is Co-Founder at Mondosano. She has 14 years of experience in digital marketing and has held several leadership positions in the finance, ecommerce industry. At Mondosano, she heads the Marketing, Sales and HR department.