Patient Centricity as a key asset in patient recruitment

patient centricity

When trying to recruit patients for a clinical trial, there are many ways to reach your target audience. However, some of these approaches tend to be rather plain and promotional. For instance, an ad in a newspaper or on the subway can oftentimes not portray enough information to fully involve the patient in a dialogue. It is a mere first “hello” by offering some introductory information.

For a long-term relationship with a patient and in order to build trust and commitment, we need to establish deeper links between us and the patient. Especially when it comes to sensitive topics such as health, nobody likes to be sold on something. It is much better to involve the patient in a dialogue about options and to share relevant information. This is where we like to use the word “patient centricity”. At Mondosano, patient centricity means that we focus on the patient and his or her options for finding the right clinical trial. We offer information and provide feedback as well as answering questions in order to build trust.

Patient centricity can include different approaches, which I will name a few below:

  • Providing information rather than advertising
  • Asking for a patients feedback along the way
  • Engaging patients in dialogues
  • Offering help when needed
  • Establishing transparency and options

By focusing on the patient rather than the short-term goal of reaching the recruitment target, the relationship deepens. We also believe that in the long run, drop-out rates in studies can be significantly lowered by educating patients beforehand. Patients take more time to reflect on the pros and cons, which will later result in leaving only the patients interested in the trial, who are actually well informed and ready to participate.

So how do we actually engage with our patients?

As a digital recruitment provider, we use many of the so-called “new media” to get in touch with our patients. We offer closed online support groups as well as personal meetings with patients to discuss experiences or concerns. We also offer telephone support for patients with questions regarding the process. Email or direct messages are also options for patients who like to interact with us before actually making a decision as to register with Mondosano or not. We encourage the use of these channels, because we find out what information is needed and what questions come up the most. In return, this information helps us to develop brochures, informational material or articles to reach patients earlier in their decision-making process.

In the end, at Mondosano we know that the 53,000 patients who are currently registered with us are committed and well educated. Once these patients decide that they are ready for a trial participation, they make this decision actively and stay in the trial throughout its duration.

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About the Author:

Christian is one of the founders of Mondosano. He oversees project management, IT as well as quality management and is happy to help you in your patient recruitment efforts