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As patients with chronic diseases are affected by their disease every day and information on the internet is readily available, they are more self-empowered and invested in their disease than ever before. Today, patients are actively looking for new therapies and medications online, rather than just passively waiting for their doctors to approach them. By providing a platform for exchange and dialogue, we can help patients meet peers while also learning what matters to them.

Although building a patient platform is a time-consuming process, we perceive the added value as one of the key assets. Through our communities we get first-hand insights to patient populations, we wouldn’t get through other channels. Additionally, patients get the chance to be heard and taken seriously in a highly emotional context of personal healthcare.

As mentioned before, patients in our communities are the greatest experts regarding their indication and they are highly engaged. By providing a closed and rather intimate space within social media platforms, we create a situation in which patients openly interact with each other and are eager to exchange new insights on their interests and lifestyle.

But How does this help Mondosano as a recruitment provider?

1. More Insights = Cost efficient marketing

As illustrated in the introduction, patient communities allow us to get deep insights into our patients interests and behavior. Through the gathered information we are able to analyze and pinpoint indication specific characteristics, we can leverage during our recruitment for a specific trial. By learning about our patients, we are able to specify the targeting of our marketing actions which allows us to reduce our scattering losses. This heavily impacts the efficiency of our online marketing actions resulting in better registration rates and more suitable patients.

2. Establish Mondosano as a Brand

By providing a community, we are not only creating a platform for patients and peers to interact, moreover it provides a possibility for Mondosano to moderate the content within its groups. We provide expert articles and new information about clinical research which enhances our credibility and establishes Mondosano as a patient-centric brand. The direct interaction builds deep links between us and the patients and positively affects the long-term relationship and trust. Therefore, we see social communities as a channel with big branding potential which would be very costly to acquire through other marketing channels, as well as a channel to enhance our organic reach.

3. Direct access to potential participants

One of the most influential reasons why we believe in communities is directly relatable to patient recruitment itself. In communities, we have direct access to potential patients for a clinical trial who are very likely to have the sought for indication. Additionally, people in social groups tend to be more proactive, engaged and committed than other patients, which leads to a higher adherence during an ongoing trial. Communities, therefore, pose a very direct and quickly responding channel for our recruitment actions.

The presented examples show, that the interaction through communities is the easiest, quickest and most beneficial way for patients to get information and access to clinical research. As we strongly believe in those benefits and our patient-centric approach, we plan on expanding the Mondosano communities to reach even more patients in the future and enable them to get information about clinical research.

If you want to find out more about Mondosano and our approach to patient recruitment, contact us at any time!

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