List of patient recruitment providers based in Europe

List of patient recruitment providers in Europe

Finding the right patient recruitment provider can be a challenging task. First of all, the decision has to be made, wether a globally active provider should be selected or providers with specific regional expertise. By choosing a global vendor, the administrative overhead is decreased and you usually save some money due to the economics of scale by running patient recruitment campaigns in multiple countries. By choosing regional recruitment providers you will benefit from country-specific knowledge that builds up and that allows providers to find patients even more efficiently for sponsors in certain areas. Looking at data privacy developments in the last year with GDPR, it can make a lot of sense to get regional recruitment help from companies coming out of Europe due to their GDPR-compliance and knowledge of the local data privacy law which can always be an issue when it comes to patient recruitment.

Both ways can make sense depending on the goals that the you as the Sponsor want to reach. If you decide to go regional, we have conducted a list of twelve patient recruitment providers coming out of Europe that can help you with your patient recruitment.

List of patient recruitment providers

We grouped the patient recruitment providers based on their headquarters and clustered the regions accordingly and came up with the following:

Some providers do offer patient recruitment on a global scope but most patient recruitment providers try to focus on local recruitment efforts to give sponsors the full advantage regarding local patient and recruitment expertise. When choosing a provider, it is important to consider each company individually with their service offering and which fits best to the current recruitment needs

List of patient recruitment providers in Europe


James Lind Institute (Denmark)

The James Lind Institute is a non-profit organization that collaborates closely with patient communities. They have various patient panels with over 30,000 members in Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom across various therapeutic areas that can help in any given patient recruitment endeavour.

Patiro (Denmark)

Patiro is a Danish patient recruitment provider that offers a full risk-based pricing model meaning that they will only get compensated for every randomized patient.

Trialbee (Sweden)

Dedicated to patients. Driven by Science and powered by data. This is Trialbee’s motto. Coming out of Sweden, they offer global patient recruitment and patient engagement services through their proprietary technology.


Mondosano (Germany)

Mondosano is running one of the largest German-speaking patient-centric platforms about clinical trials with more than 50,000 patients signed-up. They offer regional patient recruitment and global patient surveys as well as feasibility analysis. Through their extensive patient education, they are able to form close relationships with patients which results in high adherence.

Trials24 (Germany)

Trials24 is based in Munich and is directly working with the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology industry and connecting them with patients all across Germany. They host an event-series called “Pharma-Lunch” as well.

Clariness (Germany)

With more than 10 years of experience, Clariness is one of the largest patient recruitment providers globally. They offer their service in more than 50 countries and run with “Clinlife” one of the largest globally active patient platforms.

United Kingdom

FindMeCure (United Kingdom)

FindMeCure offers patients to look openly for trials that are happening close to them. They have indexed publicly available study registries such as and give patients easy-to-understand and transparent access to clinical trials within their areas of disease.

Antidote (United Kingdom)

Antidote lets patients search through publicly available clinical trials. They have a partner network of more than 20 health portals, non-profit organizations and patient advocates that can make use of their search widget.

InnovativeTrials (United Kingdom)

This patient recruitment agency offers global patient recruitment services as well as patient engagement services and clinical trial optimization strategies.


Akcelis (Belgium)

The patient management company Akcelis has three service offerings. They offer patient recruitment via their C-Lys platform and conduct Online patient surveys and offer guidance when it comes to Direct-to-patient communication.

Link2Trials (Netherlands)

This full-service patient recruitment company offers global patient recruitment campaigns and pre-selection and qualification of patients with a 7-step recruitment process.

Clinical-Trial-Websites (Netherlands)

Clinical-Trial-Websites offers the creation of study websites for any given clinical trial. Their mobile-optimized websites give sponsors the opportunity to present transparent information about the trial that they are conducting.

Choosing the right patient recruitment vendor can be challenging task. When choosing, you should be prepared to ask the right questions to each vendor to make sure that you find the provider that fits best to your needs. If you have any questions regarding the selection process or need help, we are happy to help you in the process.

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About the Author:

Christian is one of the founders of Mondosano. He oversees project management, IT as well as quality management and is happy to help you in your patient recruitment efforts