Advantages of performance-based pricing models in patient recruitment

Performance-based pricing is the term for defining a form of payment to a service provider that is measured by the overall outcome of the service. For instance, in patient recruitment a performance-based pricing scheme could mean that the customer (CRO/Sponsor) only pays, if the recruitment activities are successful. Before you start such a pricing-scheme, both sides need to negotiate what will define “success” in that particular study. This could be a referral, an enrolment, or a randomization. Simply put: Performance-based pricing means you pay for what you get!

Many service providers are not keen to offer performance-based pricing. This is to no surprise as with any risk-assuming pricing model, the service provider heavily relies on good and working processes on the customer end. If he only gets paid once a patient gets randomized, he has to consider the risk that a study site may not schedule a visit or that the study nurse gets sick and the patient loses interest in the study. All potential risks at the study site are all of a sudden also a risk for the patient recruitment provider.

For the CRO or the sponsor, this pricing scheme is very attractive as both patient recruitment provider and study site work hand-in-hand. By aligning their interests, the workflow becomes more efficient and all parties involved are working towards reaching the same goal.

With only focusing on the successful outcome, the pricing-scheme becomes very transparent. This transparency also helps to build trust between the service provider and the sponsor/CRO, which in turn sets the basis for a true and long lasting partnership.

For smaller CROs, the fact that a performance-based pricing scheme also means that fees are only payable upon successful referral/enrolment, serves as another advantage. Like this, no big upfront fees have to be paid, but instead, the fees are paid over the course of the study as patients are included.

Advantages of performance-based pricing models in patient recruitment
  • No risk

  • Same interests

  • Transparency

  • Later payment

At Mondosano, we offer a highly competitive performance-based pricing. We know that we are experts in the field of digital recruitment and therefore, we can assume the risk for the activities that we pursue. With Mondosano you win a real partner, because we only succeed, if you succeed!

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About the Author:

Anna Abraham is Co-Founder at Mondosano. She has 14 years of experience in digital marketing and has held several leadership positions in the finance, ecommerce industry. At Mondosano, she heads the Marketing, Sales and HR department.