What differentiates Mondosano from other patient recruitment providers?

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We often get asked what Mondosano does differently when it comes to patient recruitment. With many different recruitment providers out there, this is a legitimate question and necessary to understand why Mondosanos concept is so unique.

First of all, Mondosano is a patient portal that offers a variety of information surrounding the topic of clinical trials and research overall. We want to help patients make informed decisions whether it is to participate in a clinical trial or simply to decide against it. Therefore, we have medical staff that offer answers through email, telephone or in online patient groups. Patients that do decide to participate in a clinical trial after they have been educated on the pros and cons are much more committed and lower the drop-out rates for sponsors enormously in the long-run.

Through our extensive patient education program, we have built a large patient database with patients interested in a trial participation. With many thousand interested patients to approach, we can offer our clients (sponsors or CROs) a head start to their patient recruitment activities at the beginning of a trial. These patients can be segmented by TA, therapy, region, age and gender. For further screening, we offer a telephone interview with each interested and previously matched patient.

When a patient first registers with Mondosano, he or she fills out a short online questionnaire with questions regarding the indication, medication and demographic information. Our state-of-the-art matching algorithm then matches the patient to the clinical trial he is most suitable for and that offers a study site in his region. This matching process happens in real-time, so that our study expert can inform the patient about a suitable trial within 24-hours of his registration.

But how do patients find out about Mondosano in the first place?

Mondosano has experts in online marketing and data-mining who have extensive knowledge in using cookie data and third-party tools to know where to find the right patients. At Mondosano, we do not simply do online campaigns as some of our competitors do, we believe in using technology and data to take the guesswork out of patient recruitment and approach only the patients most suitable for a particular trial. If you want to find out more about how exactly we use our data, get in touch with us.

Lastly, it is important to say that we pride ourselves with the fact that we offer a unique performance-based pricing for all our patient recruitment activities. We believe in a true partnership with our clients and assume much of the risk associated with patient recruitment so that our clients only pay us, if we succeed.

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Why Mondosano is different
  • Extensive patient education

  • Large patient database

  • Unique matching algorithm

  • Data-driven online approach

  • Performance-based pricing


About the Author:

Anna Abraham is Co-Founder at Mondosano. She has 14 years of experience in digital marketing and has held several leadership positions in the finance, ecommerce industry. At Mondosano, she heads the Marketing, Sales and HR department.