What exactly is Digital Patient Recruitment? And why should I use it?

Digital Patient Recruitment is the modern way of saying that a patient recruitment provider is only using digital means to approach potential candidates. Digital means can be a mobile app, a website or the use of social media such as Facebook or Instagram. In recent years, the use of digital channels has risen dramatically amongst patient recruitment providers. There are several reasons for this development:

First of all, the majority of people of any country in the western hemisphere is online these days. Even people age 50 and above discover the advantages of the internet and spend increasing amounts of time online. This makes them open for all sorts of communication on the internet. By using certain targeting techniques, these patients can now be identified and approached by Mondosano with information on a specific trial. As opposed to offline advertising such as subway displays or newspaper ads, digital recruitment is much more efficient in terms of people reached and costs associated with it. In addition, people on most subways come from all sorts of backgrounds and have all sorts of diseases. It is thus, more of a lucky punch, if you find the suitable candidate for a specific study. In the online world however, you can show an ad for a particular trial only to people with that one indication or their family members. You decrease the size of the audience voluntarily and end up with a much more effective recruiting strategy.

Another important argument for online patient recruitment is the possibility to approach a patient for a second time. By using cookie data, you can store information on users that have previously visited your website and you can approach them again, for instance, if you have a new study that might fit their criteria. Cookie data is anonymous, so nobody can find out who the person with cookie ID XYZ really is. Only when a person decides to register with Mondosano, we know who he or she is. It is important for us, that any interest in Mondosano or the study is always on a voluntary basis.

So here is why you should pick a patient recruitment provider who uses digital recruitment:
  • You reach more people than with regular print advertising

  • Using tools, you can find out more about your audience and only address the candidates who are interested in certain areas for instance Diabetes or Asthma

  • You save money as with an abundance of daily ad impressions possible, prices are lower than other marketing channels.

  • You can store prior website visits of your audience and use that information for a later campaign

  • You can target specific groups of interests such as members of a certain patient group

  • You get results faster

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About the Author:

Christian is one of the founders of Mondosano. He oversees project management, IT as well as quality management and is happy to help you in your patient recruitment efforts