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We are continuously recruiting patients in various disease areas in order to provide them with a wide range of information on chronic diseases. Our database now contains over 100,000 patients.

Pneumology 33%
Diabetes 25%
Dermatology 16%
Cardiology 11%
Gastroenterology 3%
Rheumatology 3%
Others 8%

Case study: Course of a psoriasis patient survey

1. Objective and initial situation
The generation of information about the current life circumstances, satisfaction with the therapy of psoriatic patients by means of a survey. The questionnaire consisted of about 60 questions with a target of 1,500 answered questionnaires.

2. Preparation
Once the questionnaire was finalized, Mondosano began programming the questionnaire and prepared the documentation for optional submission to the Ethics Committee. The complete process from questionnaire creation to the positive vote of the Ethics Committee took 45 days, including the time for the Commission’s consultation.

3. Project implementation
After approval, Mondosano began with the project implementation. A total of 5,500 patients started the questionnaire, which generated 1,611 completions (29%) and thus evaluable data. A survey period of 30 days was anticipated. Due to the high participation rates, the survey was successfully completed after only 8 days.

4. Data analysis and presentation
Provision of a comprehensive presentation and an executive summary within 30 days after completion of the data analysis In addition, infographics and e-mail were created and sent to the 77% of patients who wanted to be notified of survey results and upcoming clinical trials

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Therefore, a data-driven patient approach

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