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Patient Surveys with Mondsano

Patient Surveys can answer all of those questions for you in a couple of weeks. With our extensively educated and well-informed patient database, we are able to conduct patient surveys for you from the project setup to the analysis and medical writing of the project to give you the insights you need into your patient audience. Real World Data and Patient Reported Outcomes as your leverage to a better understanding of the needs of the patients.

Our service offerings for Patient Engagement

Patient Panel

Patient Panels

We organize patient panels to give you the opportunity to get in-person insights into your products, patient engagement inititatives or marketing campaigns from persons who are currently taking a specific medication, are suffering from a certain disease or have a particular set of co-morbidities. With our database, we have more than 1,000,000 data points readily available to select patients that fit to your criteria. We organize your panel, recruit patients for it, host the panel discussions and deliver to you the specific insights that you would like. All that can be organized in a short amount of time with a sufficient amount of interested patients so that your insights can be significant.

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Online Patient Surveys

By conducting large-scale national and international patient surveys you as a sponsor are able to get a significant amount of data in a very short time period. This will help you to immensely to understand your patients needs, to understand if patients are currently satisfied with their treatment and what you can do to improve the current state of the treatment. Patients want to have a voice and want to be heard. With Mondosano, you are able to get channeled insights into your question in a matter of weeks. We will setup the survey, conduct the survey nationally and internationally and analyse it for you and if needed, even take care of the medical writing. We have conducted small and large national as well as international surveys ranging from 20 questions to up to 150 questions with more than 1,000 participants and can ensure you that we will professionally and successfully conduct your project.

Christian Erb
Our patient database consists out of well-informed patients who are eager to have a voice. With our vast experience, we are able to conduct small and large scale patient engagement projects for you

– Christian Erb, Founder & Managing Director

Protocol Feasibility Analysis

Use Real-World Data gathered by Mondosano to have a data-driven estimate on protocol and site feasibility. Our data can help you to validate and improve your forecast and find critical aspects of your trial protocol. We even give you the opportunity to get individualized feedback on the study setting by selected patients. Let the data speak and improve your protocol with RWD.

Digital patient recruitment

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