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How we work at Mondosano

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Our services

More than 70% of all clinical trials don’t manage to recruit enough patients on time for their trial. This is due to difficult trial protocols and outdated recruitment methods. Through our digital know-how and our steady growing database, we are able to leverage marketing channels that have not been used before in order to find patients on time for your trial.

Patient Recruitment

We help you to complete patient recruitment ahead of time. We offer European-wide outreach campaigns to find specific target populations for your trial.

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Patient Engagement

Do you want to understand patient needs to reduce suffering and improve care? Get data-driven patient insights with our database of motivated patients to get Real-World Data to improve your offering.

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Market Research

Do you want to find out more about current patient behaviour or current medications used? Expand your insights about your patients with our market research tool.

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What sets us apart

Patient recruitment has been around for more than three decades. So why has recruitment not been fixed in the past? We think it is because digital technology has not been sufficiently leveraged.
At Mondosano we believe that recruitment success is made at the intersection between medical expertise and digital know-how. We assembled a unique team of experts – trained in relevant fields as medical, data and marketing – allowing us to cover all your requirements to ensure your recruitment success.

High patient commitment through content education

We strongly believe in patient-centricity. Right now, clinical research does not exactly have the best reputation. For that reason we created well researched and professionally written content, to inform and educate patients as well as interested relatives about clinical trials and specific diseases. Our goal is to create full transparency for clinical research and trust in the reliability of our assistance.

  • Clinical Trials – Information about the advantages of clinical research

  • Diseases – Information about disease-specific clinical developments
  • News – Recent developments about all things medical

Through our online education, we are able to refer informed patients. All of our referrals are significantly more likely to adhere to study procedures, thus resulting in lower drop-out rates for your trial.

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